General Guidelines and Information

General Guidelines and Information


The awards are open to all agencies’ type and brands’ in-house departments from all markets across the Asia-Pacific region.


*All cut-off times for the respective deadlines are 6pm HK time (UTC/GMT+8:00).

Early Bird Entry Deadline: Monday, 6 June 2022
Entry Deadline: Thursday, 30 June 2022
Final Entry Deadline: Thursday, 14 July 2022
Shortlists Announcement: Tuesday, 23 August 2022
Winners Announcement: Tuesday, 6 September 2022

*Date to be confirmed and subject to change.


Early Bird Fee: HKD 2,950
Entry Fee: HKD 3,370
Late Entry Fee: HKD 3,850


All entries should relate to achievements ONLY during the period 1 January 2021 to 14 July 2022. Written entries which do not focus on the eligibility period but include achievements outside the review period will be disqualified.  PRWeek Asia and Campaign Asia Pacific reserves the right to reject any work it feels does not comply with the spirit of the awards.


There are two options you can select from via online or offline method.

ONLINE: Credit Card / ALIPAY

  • For this option, you will be redirected to our secure payment gateway where you are able to select from VISA / MASTER / AMEX/ ALIPAY.
  • If you wish to pay with credit card offline, we can provide a direct payment link. Please contact the Organiser.
  • For this payment option, a 3.5% bank surcharge is applicable.
  • If you are having trouble with the credit card online system or via Alipay, please do not attempt to pay again and contact the Organiser immediately at

OFFLINE: Bank Transfer:

  • For bank transfer option, you will have to bear ALL bank charges related to this transaction. Please do indicate to the bank clearly when making the transfer.
  • To select this option, you will need to complete your entry submission by confirming to the “Payment Order” page to select payment method as “Bank Transfer”. Bank details will be available once you reached this page.
  • Direct online banking: you can transfer via your own personal online banking system or arrange the transaction at the bank.
  • Transaction confirmation: once completed the transfer, please provide the confirmed transaction proof, clearly stating the entry and order ID numbers and invoice number for such payment is to be emailed to cc: Awards team at
  • The deadline for payment due via bank transfer will be the next day of the respective entry deadline.


  • The system will generate an invoice upon submission and in cases where you would like to request an official invoice, please provide your ENTRY ID and/or PAYMENT ORDER ID to and copy to
  • If there are any commercial invoice or form related local tax requesting the assistance to be filled in by the Organiser, such request should communicate ahead of the deadlines. Any additional or tax related cost to be borne by entrants.


  • Entrants may mark on their entry and/or supporting document various sensitive parts by highlighting the information in yellow.
  • Information highlighted will be treated as confidential. Please be specific about the information that cannot be disclosed – do not simply mark the entire entry. The Organiser reserves the right to publish details of the entries which is not marked as confidential.
  • For any video submission, do not include sensitive information. Alternatively, you may send your request to the Organiser explaining where any confidential information cannot be disclosed instead of the whole video.


  • All credits required on the online submission form must be filled in correctly and cannot be changed once submitted. Any request of changes or replacement of files will be subjected by Organiser’s approval. For each change there will a fee of HKD800 to be charged.
  • All credits on the online entry submission form, indicated as credited agency/company/ name, market/office etc. will be treated as FINAL once entry submission confirmed via our online platform.
  • All credits submitted will be used for publication on all channels, related materials, trophies, shortlists, and winners’ announcements on  PRWeek Asia and Campaign editorial pages and website.
  • Entrants are responsible for ensuring all credits are accurate at the time of the submission to ensure all information submitted are accurate. Organiser is not liable to make such changes.


  • All entries must be endorsed as per guidelines.
  • All entries must be endorsed by the most senior representative of the agency/brand’s company and for the agency entry, this will be the Head of the office/ CEO/ MD who is eligible and authorized to endorse the entry and data to be true and accurate.
  • Endorsement failing to adhere to entry guidelines may result as disqualification.
  • Endorsers’ information is to be submitted on the online submission form.


  • Should any changes to be made to the written submission at the request of the Organiser, the initial endorsement will become invalid. The endorser will be required to re-endorse upon submitting the revised submission.


  • Any changes after submission of entry will be subject to review and prior approval by the Organiser. Should any changes be approved, a fee of HKD800 will be charged for each change.


  • Once you have clicked “CONFIRM SUBMISSION” via the online entry form, the system will generate an automated email to your endorser. This email will include the hyperlink to view your written submission and will require a simple click to confirm the endorsement.
  • Should your endorser NOT have received the email once you have confirmed submission, you may ask the endorser to check SPAM / JUNK Mailbox, or you can re-trigger the endorsement email via the dashboard. Endorsement should be done within 24 hours once entry submitted.
  • This endorsement process is only between the endorser and the Organiser. All entrants are responsible to ensure your endorser is available at the time of your submission and latest by the entry submission closed.
  • Judges reserves the right to raise queries regarding the information provided and penalize any entry if there is evidence of inaccurate and misleading claims which will lead to entry disqualification. Entry fee is non-refundable.
  • Should you require assistance, please notify the Organiser by sending email to


  • Judges reserve the right to raise queries regarding the information provided and will penalize any entry if there is evidence of inaccurate and misleading claims, which could lead to the entry being disqualified.
  • Any mention of data must be accompanied by a source of reference. If your agency/company is the source, please reference “Agency or Company Research”.


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